Educating and testing the knowledge of students, parents and professionals

Welcome to the online courses portal for Dynamic Influence that provides 3 services to aid in our mission to engage, inspire, and "edutain."  1. Students can take post lecture/assembly retention quizzes that are designed to reinforce the important lessons they learned.  2. Helpful resources for parents who attended the parent education night and also a recap of the presentation for parents that weren't able to attend.  3.  Online courses for students that were not able to attend the assembly.


Highly interactive curriculum for schools.  These "edutaining" hybrid online/in-classroom courses are for elementary, middle and high school level students.  

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Keeping parents informed and educated on the latest trends on issues youth are facing and providing lessons and resources to overcome these challenges.  

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Learn anytime anywhere with our interactive online courses that parents and kids can learn from together. 

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