Bullying Prevention

Bullying continues to be an issue amongst students from elementary school all the way up to high school.  Beyond our "edutaining" assemblies for students and parents on bullying prevention, we are now developing and offering interactive online courses that you can be used in the classroom or on your own at your convenience.    

For The Classroom

This is a very interactive curriculum that utilizes the web, critical thinking, and class participation that will both engage and educate your students.  This curriculum was designed to reinforce the lessons delivered during Robert's presentation, and are tailored to different age groups.  Learn more here... 

For Parents

As a parent, what do you need to know about the bullying and cyberbullying?  Do you know what to look for to spot whether your child is being bullied or cyberbullied?  What should you do if your child is targeted?  What tools can you teach your child?  What should your child do if they see someone being bullied or cyber bullied?  This course covers all of this and more!  You'll learn all the new types of bullying that kids and teens are experiencing, and helpful lessons/techniques on what to do.  Learn More...  

Teaching Your Kids Anytime 

Do you want to discuss bullying with your kids but don't know where to start?  This course was designed for parents and their kids to go through together and start a conversation about bullying and cyber bullying.  Learn what you need to know about bullying, how to make sure you don't bully other, what to do if you are targeted, or what to do if you see it happening to someone else.  **Coming Soon**

Last modified: Tuesday, 16 January 2018, 4:10 AM