Substance Awareness Courses

Learn about the latest trends and new techniques to help teens make positive choices about substance use and abuse.  These substance awareness courses are designed to both, support the Sober Thoughts assembly presentations and stand alone lessons to help students, parents, and educators.    

For The Classroom

This is a dynamic and engaging curriculum that utilizes class participation, critical thinking, self reflection, class discussions and more in order to educate and inspire your students.  This curriculum was designed to be complimentary to Robert's presentation, but can also be stand alone.  **Coming Soon!**  

For Parents

Teen substance use and abuse trends are changing, what do parents need to know?  This course for parents discusses these latest trends and will equip you with the knowledge and tools tackle this important topic.  Learn more here...

Teaching Your Kids Anytime 

It's important to start a conversation with your child about drug and alcohol use and abuse, and it needs to be a lot more than just "peer pressure" and "teens will be teens."  However, it can be difficult as a parent because sometimes you may feel like your kids aren't listening to you.  This course is designed for parents and teens to take together.  Robert is able to share information that will get the conversation started between your and your child, and provide several lessons/talking points that will keep it going!  **Coming Soon!** 

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