Vaping Tobacco Marijuana Awareness Courses

Teen substance use and abuse trends are changing.  Recent studies showed that alcohol consumption amongst teens has declined while vaping and marijuana use is on the rise.  These studies have also shown that teens view vaping and marijuana as relatively harmless.  These courses are designed to help teachers in the classroom and parents at home to educate their students/children and help them to make smart decisions.         

For The Classroom

This curriculum offers highly interactive lessons and activities that are designed to engage and educate your students.  These lessons can be used as a follow-up to Robert's school assembly, or can stand alone.  It allows students to research the real effects of vaping and marijuana, have class discussions/debates, and challenges them to create awareness beyond the classroom.  **Coming Soon!**

For Parents

There is a rise in vaping and marijuana use amongst teens/tweens and they are viewing it as "harmless," but is it?  Is your child vaping?  What should you look for?  As a parent, what do you say?  This course will enlighten you on these current trends, teacher you what to look for, and provide you with the facts that you can use to start a discussion with your child.  **Coming Soon!** 

Teaching Your Kids Anytime 

At this point it's vital that you start a conversation with your child about vaping and marijuana.  As teens are viewing these as relatively "harmless" the number of teens and tweens using these are on the rise.  However, are they even listening to your?  We can help!  

This course is designed for parents and teens to take together.  Robert is able to share the facts with you and your child.  Sometimes it helps when the information comes from someone else.  This will allow you to get the conversation started and provide you with the tips and resources to help you guide your child to making smart and healthy choices!  **Coming Soon!**

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