Interactive Curriculum for Your Classroom

Social Media Safety - This course is complementary to our school assembly on social media safety and responsible posting.  This allows educators to continue the discussion and reinforce the important lessons of the assembly.  This includes 8 lessons (1 per week) that takes between 10-15 minutes per lesson.  

Bullying Prevention - As a follow-up to our bullying prevention school assembly, this course reinforces the important lessons and keeps the discussion going.  This is a 6 week course (1 day per week) that takes between 7-12 minutes per lesson.

Substance Awareness & Positive Decision Making:  This course focuses on goal setting, the perceptions of teen substance use and abuse, and discusses the importance of making smart choices.  This is a 7 week course (1 day per week) that takes between 5-10 minutes per lesson.  


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